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Carpet Cleaning to
Keep You Healthy

Healthier Living with Cleaner Carpets

In addition to creating a much nicer looking area, steam cleaning your carpets makes for a healthier environment for everyone. Musty, dirty carpet fibers contain particles that aggravate those with lung issues or breathing impairments, making breathing difficult and painful. Professional-grade deep cleaning removes pollutants and significantly cuts down on indoor allergens by removing the tiny particles that affect allergies. 

Freshen Up

The smell of an old house is one that most people don't forget quickly. Most often, that horribly memorable odor comes from the mold and spores growing in carpets and upholstery when it is not cleaned regularly. Our carpet services remove this smell, leaving pleasant clean scents instead. 

Pet Odors

As wonderful as pets are, they are also a source of unwanted carpet odors and stains. Pet-soiled carpet has an odor that most visitors notice immediately. Dog and cat urine also contains ammonia, which is a lung irritant and causes upper respiratory issues to those exposed. This also increases the likelihood of asthma and headaches. 

We specialize in pet stain removal and have spent years refining our techniques. Our pet stain and odor experts safely remove harmful bacteria and ammonia left behind from your pets. Let us make it safe for your kids to roll around and play on the carpet again.