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Keeping Your Furniture

Clean for Years to Come

Preserving Your Furniture

High-end furniture lasts longer and is designed better than less expensive pieces. Before you spend money on replacing a chair or sofa, ask yourself if you're giving up quality for affordability. Our furniture cleaning and upholstery services give you the look of new furniture—without the expense. Keep your quality furniture in excellent condition with regularly scheduled upholstery cleaning.

Renew Your Furniture

Curling up on your favorite chair or sofa is one of the best comforts of home, but eventually that furniture starts to age. Pets and everyday living means dirt, odors, food, and drink stains accumulate on furnishings over time. Sometimes fabric just takes on a dull, worn look from age. There's no need to buy an expensive new chair or sofa when we could give older furniture a good cleaning to remove stubborn dirt, stains, and pet odors. 


Just because it's an antique, it doesn't have to look or smell old. If you're an antique lover, you know that some furniture simply cannot be replaced. Whether a piece has sentimental value, or was a great find that's followed you through the years, eventually normal wear and tear begins to take a toll. We have the expertise and the capability to carefully bring your antique back to life. 

For example, adding an updated  color or fabric is a brilliant way to bring your decor up-to-date without sacrificing beloved furnishings you've kept all these years. Whether you'd like to reupholster or clean your furniture, we're ready to follow your direction and make that older piece a refreshing focal point of your home again.